Horizon filtration

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    Horizon filtration

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What is UF filtration?
UF high molecular weighted components provide the opportunity to concentrate without heat application and phase change. Filter; The small molecule -weighted components in the food contain at a rate close to the concentration of feeding, while large molecular -weighted components are kept by the membrane. This leads to an increase in both age and dry weights of high molecular weighted components in the solution. The pressure in UF applications is between 1-15 bar. These pressure values are quite small compared to their applications. For heat -sensitive molecules such as protein and starch, the concentration process with UF technique at the ambient temperature minimizes the heat reactions that adversely affect their functional properties such as soluble, foam and gel formation, emulsification, water and fat binding. It is also used to restore the useful components in UF Food Process and Fermentation Wastes. For this purpose, most dairy products are used in the industry.

Easy control of parameters and components
Obtaining more products (P.A.S proteins remain in the cheese.)
high nutritional value (P.A.S proteins)
Uninterrupted transaction speed
Closed System (Bacteriological Control)